vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Nog éénmaal "23 dingen"

Dit kan ik jullie niet onthouden: de prachtige afsluiting van 23 dingen. Een unieke samenwerking tussen Rob Coers en Erwin van Eck, voortgekomen uit "ding" 16 YouTube. Zie hier en geniet:

De tekst van het lied is als volgt:
Oh 23
What have you done to me
From the moment that I started
I knew she’ll be leaving me…

I started with this program, The name was 23
I read about all the things, They ‘re gonna mess around with me
My first steps in the blogosphere, I registered as ‘eck’
My love felt that the end was near, She’s never coming back

So I got to number 4 and 5, Everything about feeds,
Deeper into 2-0h-life, Not thinkin’ ‘bout her needs
Next I shot some pictures, Of every girl I know
I put them all on Flickr, And she said: I’ll have to go…

The pictures were online, And it was time to play
The tombstone for my ZEN looked fine
(I’m sorry he passed away..)
The news was spreading fast, And it did not take too long
My newborn ZEN, one of the best, Playing my music, song by song

I continued with my vision, On what the web would do,
Got my personal muesli, And lots of sad songs on Yahoo
Although it seemed del.icio.us, And social at that time:
When I told her ‘bout my bookmarks, She didn’t give a damn

I jumped into the sandbox, Played around without my shoes,
Followed by Google Apps and docs, I really got the blues
Then online contacts came alive, ‘cause Meebo came along
Chat and talk, msn and hyves, But our love was not that strong…

I arrived at thing 15, The search for music took all night..
Went to bed at 5.15, With no one by my side
So I started to sing and play, Wanted the world to know
That my girl has gone away… It turned into a one man show…

She took all the books; The only ones that were left
Were those on LibraryThing: Man, it felt like theft!
My friends on Hyves and Facebook, Keep tellin’ me to stay in touch,
But now that she’s gone I keep cryin’…
Offline! Thank you very much!

From the moment that I started
I knew she’ll be leaving me…

Opgenomen door Annemarie van Essen met een superkleine camera. Prachtig toch?!

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